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Small To Medium Enterprise


We have designed this service for people who want to make sense of their business affairs, ensure that their business and tax procedures are in order and kept up-to-date. We are geared to the small and medium-sized business (SME) whether it be a sole trader,  partnership or trading through a Limited Company.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure that your accounting systems are monitored so that they suit your needs, are compliant with the authorities and will suggest modifications where we feel that they are appropriate and highlight where we feel accounting procedures require strengthening.

We will discuss with you whether operating as a limited company may be of benefit.

Your business accounts will be completed once a year and will be analysed with you in depth with you to see whether improvements to the profitability of your business can be obtained.

We shall prepare tax returns and computations based on these accounts so as to ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax at the right time and will strive to minimise your tax liabilities wherever possible.

The final tax position will be explained to you and we will have your full agreement to the Tax Returns before they are filed with HM Revenue & Customs.


We will take care of your accounting services and take the load off you

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